Rock legend Rick Wakeman is best known as the former Keyboardist for the band Yes. He has also played with countless other artists and bands over the years, as well releasing multiple albums as a solo artist. His hundreds of television appearances over recent years have included shows, Live at Jongleurs, Through The Keyhole, The Generation Game, Weakest Link, Top Gear etc.


BBC & NLBC Tea tasting feature, 6 brands (2014 prices)

Hilary Devey's TV, C4, 2013. Determined to get deserving young people a chance to land their dream jobs, she has persuaded some companies to let her hijack their normal recruitment policy. Members of a London bowling club take part in the programme. The test was a booking didn't exist, everyone knew apart from the 3 interns.


Artwork by Hazel Lopatkin Wallis

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Photography & video objections

Displaying photos on the wall of a lawn bowls club can be a great way to showcase the stance and excitement of players. However, it's important to consider the concerns of those who might object to certain photos.

To get across the benefits of displaying photos, you could highlight how it can create a sense of community and pride among members. You could also emphasise how it can help new members learn about proper stance and technique by seeing examples of experienced players.