Stormi bowls

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Stormi graced the occasion with her presence, donning a delightful summery frock that perfectly accentuated her fabulous figure. The elegance of her little black dress was unmatched, showcasing her innate sense of style and sophistication. Her radiant smile lit up the room as she effortlessly stole the spotlight, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance

Bowls Bash, London

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Bowls England, The Bowls Club, and the Bowls Development Alliance are joining forces to offer community groups free sessions to increase participation in lawn bowls in a fun and casual setting this summer.

And mixing Bowls England’s ‘Bowls Bash’ initiative with The Bowls Club’s summer event experience will give first-time bowlers an extraordinary way into the sport.

Bowls Bash is being rolled out in bowls clubs across the country, with Bowls England providing equipment and marketing resources for all affiliated clubs and Bowls Development Alliance supporting with training and community outreach.